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Living accessories and decorating ideas for all areas of your home. WOONIO shows you lots of decorating ideas, from high-end living room tables, right down to decorative vases.

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WOONIO lives up to its motto “Daily dose of home & living”. The goal is to offer you daily new inspiration for your home. The “decorating ideas” regularly feature mood boards of our curators who are always coming up with new topics to present to you. For the WOONIO curators, living means more than just having a place with your name on the doorbell. A place to live is the most personal sanctuary, the home base where we recharge our battery and, each day, gather strength for everyday life. The more comfortable we feel at home, the more effectively everything falls into place.

More than 1,000 top-notch home & living products

Creative designers from all over the world are constantly developing new products for your home. WOONIO discovers these innovations, scrutinises them and presents them to you in neatly-arranged living categories. The wide range encompasses large furniture pieces such as dining room tables but also vases and other small decorative items. A beautifully appointed home, however, also includes other categories such as home textiles or clever kitchen accessories. The common characteristic of all these products is that they offer extraordinary value for money. Overpriced products where you’re only paying for the brand name or mediocre quality are things you will not find here.

1000+ invigorating home furnishing ideas

Just imagine, you open up your door and discover a new living environment every day. That is exactly what WOONIO is all about. Practically on a daily basis, WOONIO offers you new insights into internationally appealing homes and their individual decorating styles. To make your discovery tour easier, all the furnishing ideas are divided up into rooms such as dining rooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. And let’s not forget the garden. Discover the 1000+ home furnishing ideas.